9 November 2011

At work =)

At the moment I'm working on a new I <3 bag for Julia's sister. It will be a X-Mas present so psssttt - it's a secret! =) I thought it would be nice to show you some pictures at work and not just the finished product. I promise I will hurry up, to show the completed bag. Till then I wish you a nice evening.

Yours Dreamcode

My workplace =)

8 November 2011

Cold breeze

Boxes of my pins
Whaaaat??? Two degrees below zero in the morning! Ok now it's really time to take out my winter coats. Last year I bought a warm fabric and planed to sew a stylish coat out of it, but I didn't realised my plan. I hope this year I will change it, because all my old coats are already to boring for me =). Till I will create the new one I can pimp up the old ones with nice pins I made. They are made of felt and CD sherds, which are sparkling in the sun =) I really love them! The idea of creating them was to break up with my habit -  always wearing a necklace - and it worked!! Now all the pins are already sold so I have to make some new =). I advise you also to swap sometimes your necklace for a beautiful pin...it's worth it! And now take a look at my work and enjoy =). 

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