28 September 2011

Fashionistas- Teatime

Charming sugar-bags

 Yesterday I had a great photoshooting with people I met for the first time. My fear, that it could be very stiff has been blown away after some seconds. We really enjoyed talking about fashion, photography and all the stuff, fashionistas talk about =). As I asked for a cup of tea, I get one with that awesome sugar-bags. I felt in love with these bags and taked them home. They remind me of my sketches! So today I show you some of my drawings and I hope you like them. Now I´m really curious to see the first pics of our shoot, and I´m looking forward to show you the hopefully successful result of our team-work =).

Yours Dreamcode

Sketches of my first collection ''Powder Dream''

25 September 2011

Night Owl

Colorful Straws

Waking up at 3 p.m. can be really hard. No, it isn´t because of a hangover, it´s because I´m a night owl. Yesterday evening I cleaned up my room and found those colorful straws. I normally love those colors, but actually I'm already in autumn-mood, so that straws were to colorful for my new handcraft idea. Some napkins in Safari Look helped me to change the colors into those, which fit more to this season. I was so engrossed in my work, that I didn´t realised the time. It was 6 a.m. as I finisched the first steps to a new piece of art =). So you see, if you do what you love, time don´t matter anymore. 
An old polish saw says, that happy people don´t count time. 
I think that´s true! What´s your oppinion on that saw?

Yours Dreamcode

Preview of the Safari Straws

24 September 2011

Little Shopping Trip

My new, lovely jump-suit

On this sunny Saturday I had to buy some things for my mum, so I decided to visit one of the best known shopping streets in Vienna (Mariahilferstra├če). Actually I didn´t plan to spend money for fashion today, but my sale-instinct didn´t allow me to pass by the NewYorker shop without taking a look insight. After 5 minutes I found a nice summer-jump-suit. First I didn´t want to try it on, because summer is almost over, but as I looked at the amazing price of that piece (1€), a big smile showed up in my face =). Of course I directly tried it on and bought that lovely jump-suit. After leaving the store I looked at the sun, hiding behind clouds and thought....I´m sure this will be the last summer-piece of clothing that I´ve bought this year. 
I will miss summer!!!
Did you also found your last summer cloth?

Yours Dreamcode

23 September 2011

DreamCode - First Impression =)

Today I´ll start my first blog and I hope you will like it. I´m a young fashion designer, so on my blog I will show you my designs and creations, my inspirations, nice fotoshoots and all the things I want to share with all the fashion-addicted out there =). So let´s have a good time reading my blog.

Yours Dreamcode