31 December 2011

Getting ready..

10...9...8...7...6...5...4..3...2...1...New Years Eve!!!! 
Today I`m getting ready for an ``old fashion`` party :D

Sketch of my outfit =)

My funny make-up preperations
 So let the party begin =)


Yours Dreamcode

29 December 2011

Learning =(

I have to learn the law (NO it is not the Jude Law)...and I hate it! It is the worst school subject I have to learn. I`m a creative person and not a lawyer! I should stop doing everything else and start learning, because the exam is soon and I want to pass it!

Sitting in front of the computer doesn`t help ;D It tempt me to check my e-mails, edit pictures and other stuff that is not necessery now. In my frustration I searched for a picture which fits my mood and here it is :D a very old one =). So i put on my glasses and start reading my scripts...

Oh boy....it will be a looooong law night :D

Yours Dreamcode

28 December 2011

Overeat :P

Thank god....Christmas is over!
Im full off sweets, because they were all welcome :D

Graphic for a Laptopsticker
 3 days of excessive eating is far too much for my stomach :D. And of course my mum didnt forget to pack me a bag full of eating stuff, which I took with me home. But althought I feel so full and lazy after beeing in mums hotel, I really enjoyed Christmas. We laught a lot, played cards and enjoyed our free time as good as we could. One thing I missed....and I think most of us did....was SNOW!! Were the hell are you, white December? Lets hope that it will show up in February so I can go skiing :D. 
Did you enjoyed your Christmas days?
Wish you relaxing days till New Years Eve :D

Yours Dreamcode

19 December 2011


I'm addicted of sweets!! Everyday I have to eat something delicious ;D to feel better. The problem about this stuff is that it makes me fat....and I'm not pleased with that. So I created my own yummy candies, which makes me happy but don't cause weight gain ;D. This cute pins are so perfect to wear them on your wintercoat, because people start to smile at you when they see the candy =). I promise it works. So girls...let's show the world that we can be slim, although we wear our candy!

Handmade Pin (Candy Blue)
Handmade Pin (Candy Lightblue)
Handmade Pin (Candy Lilac)
Handmade Pin (Candy Turquoise)

Wish you a nice and sunny monday morning =)

Yours Dreamcode

3 December 2011

It´s finished

Yeeeahh!!! I finished the new I <3 bag. It has taken some time but now I can give it away in good hands =). So take a look at it before it will be packed as a X-Mas present.

Yours Dreamcode

The new I <3 bag =)